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The Law Office ofPaul S. Parker can assist you with every aspect of any family law matter, including matters related to probate, and divorce. We can draft wills and estate planning documents, guide you through a divorce, or handle a child custody case that best protects you and your children and, if needed, modifying and enforcing past decrees and orders, an appeal, or most any probate matter.
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Texas Divorce Lawyer
Military Divorce and Child Custody
TheUCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) is an important component of the military divorce. The UCCJEA provides directives for how child custody is determined and jurisdiction of the case. If you live abroad or relocate frequently because of the military, it is wise to seek help from an attorney like me who is familiar with these laws.
TheLaw Office of Paul S. Parker is devoted to all aspects of family law. We handle a wide variety of Texas Family Law cases, including drafting wills, trusts, estate planning and probate matters.
We serveclients who desire to prudently prepare and plan for their own death, or the death of a close family member, through appropriate estate planning that can help save money, protect important assets and, when the time comes, ensure their family is well cared for. Often the most basic estate planning can serve to prevent divisive family conflicts, or disputes between family members, that may not heal for generations.

Are you thinking about a divorce? Has your spouse made his or her wishes for a divorce known?

Divorce can be a painful process. But it can also be a time for reflection, a time to look ahead and a time to make crucial decisions about the rest of your life.
TheLaw office of Paul S. Parker can provide skilled legal services to people involved in contested divorce and uncontested divorce. In a contested divorce, the parties disagree on at least one decision. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on all decisions. In either case, hiring an Attorney who is experienced in Family Law is always a good idea.
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ChildSupport in Texas
Texashas established a formula to calculate what amount a non-custodial parent should pay for child support. The amount withheld is usually based on the non-custodial parent's net income each month. If a child receives social security or disability benefits from the paying spouse's old age social security or disability benefits, those amounts are subtracted from the total amount of child support as calculated under the Texas child support guidelines.

A judge may adjust child support up or down from the presumptive amount under the guidelines depending on several factors, including:
  Texas Divorceand Child Custody
Generally,child custody involves both physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the children live, and legal custody refers to decisions made about the children's education, health care, religion and other issues. A common agreement results in one parent obtaining physical custody of the children, with the non-custodial parent obtaining visitation time. Legal custody is often awarded as joint custody, with both parents having input into important decisions. Of course, custody and visitation varies with each family.
Divorce and Military Retirement Benefits
Anotherconcern specific to our armed forces is the division of military retirement benefits. According to the USFSPA (Uniform Services Former Spouse's Protection Act), military retirement pay is treated as marital property. The Law office of Paul S. Parker can ensure a fair determination is made regarding military benefits.

Paul S. Parker understands the relevant military family laws and his law practice serves current and former military members, spouses and their families.
  • The age and needs of the child;
  • Provisions for health insurance and payment of uninsured medical expenses;
  • Each party's period of possession or access to the child;
  • Spousal maintenance paid or received;
  • Any resources available for the child's support;
    Are you currently serving overseas?
Menand Women in Military Service seek out my Texas law firm from all parts of the country and the world. Whether you are living in Texas or overseas, the Law office of Paul S. Parker in San Angelo, Texas can help you accomplish the results you are seeking. If you are facing a problem with legal jurisdiction, let me help.
  • Paycheck deductions other than those already factored into calculating net monthly resources;
  • Debts assumed by either party; or
  • Any other reason consistent with child's best interest, taking into consideration the parents' circumstances.
Texas child support guidelines
  •  One Child - 20%
  •  Two Children - 25%
  •  Three Children - 30%
  •  Four Children - 35%
  •  Five or More - not less than 40% of net resources
Should you become involved in a military divorce, speak with Paul S. Parker, Attorney at Law, about your questions, goals and concerns. Phone today to arrange an initial consultation, for which No Fee will be charged.

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  How Social Media is Impacting Divorce Cases  
  These days, owning a smartphone is not a luxury, and most people are constantly tapped into some form of social media. They share cute pictures of their kids and pets as simply a routine part of life, and some people even use social media to vent frustrations or look for advice.

However, in a divorce case, what you may have shared on social media can create ample evidence that can be used against one or both parties to affect alimony, child support, child custody, and more.
  Child Custody
Social media reveals what people are doing, where they're doing it, and when it's happening. If a mother is working through a child custody case, but posts pictures that show she was out on the town drinking when she should have been watching the children, a judge may rule that the children will not be properly cared for by her. Conversely, if a father is supposed to be searching for a job, but posts pictures and status updates that reveal he's playing video games all day, the judge may rule harshly on alimony and child support decisions.

Email and Text Messages

Email and text messages are admissible in court, and can even be subpoenaed. If one party in the marriage discusses something in an email or text message about a new job or an upcoming bonus that hasn't been revealed in court, this can be used as evidence that the person isn't being honest in his or her financial declarations. Generally speaking, it is best to keep all of your written communications free of sensitive information. This is especially true immediately prior to, and during, a divorce. It is best to consider that, if you wouldn't want a judge reading it, then don't write it - anywhere.
Dating Websites
Creating a profile on an online dating website, before a divorce is finalized, is downright foolish. Not only does it show evidence of potential cheating, but most people present themselves differently in an online profile than they do in person. If someone is caught saying something different on a dating site than is said in court, it can lead to problems in their divorce case.

While most people don't list their income on social media, they often find plenty of other ways to brag about their financial prosperity. If someone claims a low income to avoid high alimony or child support payments, but posts pictures of expensive vacations or purchases, this can be used against them in a divorce court.
Even when a husband is blocked from seeing his estranged wife's social media, he can still often see what her friends are posting. If she goes on an expensive vacation with a mutual friend and that friend makes a post about the trip, the aggrieved spouse can use this evidence to prove that his wife isn't being honest in her finances.

Prevent Negative Effects from Social Media

    The best way to do to avoid having your use of social media ruining any portion of a divorce case, is to simply stop using it. Many people may be tempted to actually delete their accounts and scrub their online lives. However, once litigation has begun, social media becomes evidence. Deleting accounts is actually a destruction of evidence, and doing so on the advice of a lawyer can cause that attorney to be sanctioned.

    One thing is certain. If you are in the process of going through a divorce, you can be sure that your spouse and their lawyer(s) are combing through your online life. You may wish to consider protecting yourself by staying away from all of your social media related accounts until your divorce is finalized.
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